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The objective of this conference is to spotlight the very latest research in correspondence analysis and related methods (CARME) of multidimensional visualization, as well as to discuss future developments. We aim to bring together theoretical and applied researchers in all the areas where correspondence analysis and related methods are currently being used, notably sociology, psychology, education, ecology, archaeology, geology, linguistics, philosophy, genetics, biomedical research, health economics, marketing and management. Interdisciplinary contributions will be particularly welcome. 

The conference will take place at the seaside in the conference centre "Federico II", which is an historic building of the University of Naples, seen on the left in the above panoramic photo, and below (building, Aula Magna and entrance).

Invited speakers:

Themes of the conference include all forms of correspondence analysis and related fields:

Workshop on the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)

Directly following the main CARME conference we plan an additional event, a one-day workshop on the singular value decomposition (SVD), with guest speaker Trevor Hastie. You can see details of this workshop here or by clicking on the "SVD workshop" button on the menu on the left.

Important Dates