Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 25-27 2007




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The objective of this conference is to spotlight the very latest research in correspondence analysis, and discuss future developments. We aim to bring together theoretical and applied researchers in all the areas where correspondence analysis is currently used, notably sociology, psychology, economy, education, ecology, archeology, geology, linguistics, philosophy, genetics, biomedical research, health economics, marketing and management. Interdisciplinary contributions will be particularly welcome.


Themes of the conference include all forms of correspondence analysis and related fields, including visualisations of categorical data:

  • Simple correspondence analysis
  • Multiple correspondence analysis
  • Joint correspondence analysis
  • Multiway correspondence analysis
  • Canonical correspondence analysis
  • Nonsymmetrical correspondence analysis
  • Dual scaling
  • Optimal scaling
  • Homogeneity analysis
  • Multidimensional scaling of categorical data
  • Biplots of categorical data
  • Visualisation of compositional data
  • Correspondence analysis in the social sciences
  • Correspondence analysis in ecology and the environmental sciences
  • Correspondence analysis in the health sciences
  • Correspondence analysis in marketing research and management
  • Geometric data analysis

Scientific Program Committee

  • Jörg Blasius, University of Bonn,
  • Michael Greenacre, Pompeu Fabra University,
  • Patrick J.F. Groenen, Erasmus University Rotterdam,
  • Michel van de Velden, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Local organizing committee

  • Patrick J.F. Groenen,
  • Michel van de Velden,
  • Joost van Rosmalen,
  • Elli Hoek van Dijke,
  • Martijn Kagie,
  • Georgi Nalbantov.

Previous Conferences

This conference is the fifth in a series of conferences every four years on correspondence analysis, multidimensional graphical techniques, and the analysis of large sets of categorical data: